How to get involved

If you are a student not attending The University of Western Ontario and are interested in getting involved with NeoAmericanist, don't worry, you can still join our team as a Student Representative.

Representatives from all over the world are a branch of the editorial chain unique to our journal. They represent the national and international grassroots initiative that distinguishes the journal from other student based intra-institutional publications. NeoAmericanist depends on the cumulative effort of individual initiative, and interest on an international level to keep the journal growing. Currently we have Student Representatives all across Canada, the United States, as well as Germany, Hungary, and England.

Student Representatives are responsible for:

  • Hanging “Call for Papers” posters throughout their university/ institution
  • Sending the email and mail promotions we deliver to any and all relevant departments in their university/institution
  • Networking with similar forums and publications in their region
  • Registering and participating on the NeoAmericanist Discussion Board
  • Submit one review (book, film, television, or web) per year
  • Offering criticism and suggestions on where the journal could go, and how it could improve

If you are interested in joining as a Student Representative, or in some other capacity, please email and include a brief statement including your name, level of study, institution, and field/areas of interest.